Corporate Video Production: 11 Crucial Elements You Should Know

Research shows that corporate videos have helped businesses to grow their revenue faster.

However, to some people, they imagine corporate videos to be boring, dry, and are not worth their time to watch.

But you can change that if you know exactly how to engage with your audience and captivate their attention. 

It all comes down to the right elements to be included in your corporate video production.

Pay attention to the elements we are sharing in this article and see what you could utilize in your corporate video.

What Is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production is a video produced for a company for commercial purposes. 

The brand’s vision, values, and benefits are presented visually in an engaging and interesting way through a corporate video.

Corporate videos are not only restricted to social media but also to events, corporate meetings, and presentations.

To engage with your audience effectively, it is important to know which corporate video elements to use in your video.

It is important to outline the industry, purpose, and complexity of the message you want to convey in your video. 

It is unnecessary to display all elements in a video but we have listed 11 elements that are vital to a corporate video.


11 Crucial Elements

Since corporate videos are heavy with information, it is easy to turn it into something dull and monotonous.

But no more of that once you implement these elements in your corporate video.

  • Branding

corporate video production

Of course, corporate videos must have your stamping brand on them or else it loses their purpose to showcase what your company is all about.

The message in your corporate video must embody your brand image. 

Include the who, what, where, when, and why in your video. 

It is of utmost importance to include the solutions you provide for your customers and the values your company stands for. 

  • Emotions

corporate video production

To connect with your audience, you have to tap into their emotions.

It is hard to deny that almost all purchase decisions are emotionally based. 

If a corporate video is too analytical and only focus on hard facts, chances are people won’t stay and watch till the end.

The secret to this element is to inspire and educate people at the same time. 

  • Purpose

Think of what you want to gain through your corporate video.

Sales increment? Recruiting employees? Promote new products?

Of course every business wants to appeal to everyone but be realistic and tailor your video to speak directly to your targeted audience. 

  • Simple language

corporate video production

No matter how prestigious your company is, if the message is lost in translation, your corporate video is deemed as ineffective.

Use the simplest language so that you can connect and engage with your audience well.

Complex data can be used but make sure that it is balanced with layman terms that your targeted customers can understand. 

  • Storytelling

corporate video production

Your corporate video has to be able to tell a story.

A good script and storyboard will help you to visualize the message and the story you want to tell. 

Telling your company’s history is a good way to tap into people’s emotions, especially empathy as people can relate to the hardships and challenges you have to face.

  • Staff interviews

Another way to tell your story is by interviewing staff as people engage with people.

Displaying stories of a real person who works for the company inspires credibility and spontaneity. 

It looks more real and believable than a super-produced ad with no real faces. 

  • Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials in a corporate video help you to display transparency and trust in the company.

It is one of the best ways to build credibility around your brand and company. 

With this element, you will invite your targeted audience to put the same trust your customers have in your company.

  • Audio and visual

Studies show that people only remember 20% of what they hear and about 30% of what they see but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see.

Make good use of both of these elements in your corporate video by switching up with animations, color schemes, background images, music, and even voiceovers. 

Instead of showing the CEO’s headshot while they talk, include animated graphics and colors to keep your audience engaged.

  • Video length

The length of a corporate video depends on the story you want to tell and the purpose of your video.

A good video duration ranges between 90 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on its application.

A social media video can be shorter, around 90 seconds but a meeting presentation or even can be longer.

When planning a corporate video production, you must have a vision of where your corporate video will be used so that you can prepare many versions to suit the application. 

  • Professional feel

Of course, a corporate video cannot compete against the cinema’s next movie release. 

But a huge mistake many companies make is not hiring a creditable corporate video production agency to help them realise their vision of a corporate video. 

It is ideal to invest in corporate video production just as you do for other marketing strategies.

  • Proper distribution

Now that you have a good corporate video from a reputable production agency, it is important to have it distributed properly.

Promote your video on popular and social media platforms to reach and engage with your target audience.

It is also advisable for you to include your corporate video in your monthly newsletters.

Encourage people to like and share your corporate video to increase your engagement.


Which Production Company Can Help You Create High-Quality Corporate Videos?

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