The Best Production House in Malaysia With Highest-Quality Videos

Looking for a production house Malaysia that is capable of producing high-quality videos to help your business grow? 


And are you curious about the services provided by them?


Keep on reading this article to gain insight on the services they offer as well as things to consider before choosing the production house that suits the nature of your business. 


We will also recommend a company we know that will do wonders to your project!


What is a production house?

production house Malaysia


A production house, also known as a production company, refers to a business that specializes in media production for either personal or corporate event use.


They provide manpower and equipment to host indoor or outdoor events that will either be broadcasted Live on social media or television while also ensuring the products are in excellent quality.


This business involves a team of people with different expertise, working hand-in-hand in producing the best piece of art for their clients. 


A production house is also responsible for monitoring the necessary finances required to make them by helping with budgeting to make the event more cost-efficient.


Not only that, clients would also trust them with operational processes such as scheduling, scripting, talent and resources supply, post-production, marketing and other related activities. 


Usually, a film production company is built by a small number of members with one or two producers and a few other support staff which consists of a: 

  • director
  • scriptwriter
  • production designer
  • cinematographer
  • editor 
  • actors

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing The Best Production House

production house Malaysia

Choosing the right production house for your company may be confusing and a challenge at times as there are many businesses in Malaysia that provide the same service. 


Therefore, to ensure you get the best video services that match your expectations, here are five questions you should take into account:


  • How is their product quality?


A production is all about the quality of the contents produced. Therefore, it is important for the production house of your choosing to meet a certain standard for production value. 


If the content produced lacks structural quality like good sound effects or background images, then you might want to reconsider as it may make your videos unattractive and unengaging.


It is highly advisable to check their portfolio and watch their final output to determine the quality of work they are capable of producing.


  • Are they experienced and flexible?


In order to choose the right production house, you have to make sure that they are willing to meet the project’s objectives and not blindly do things their way. 


At the same time, make sure that they are experienced enough to execute your campaign’s vision with creativity, innovation and efficiency. 


Although they are required to listen and cater to your needs, do expect them to guide the project with confidence and creativity as an experienced production house would know what works best. 


  • How much do they cost?


Hiring companies that produce amazing videos with reasonable prices can do wonders to our business. 


While you can opt for an overpriced video with a high possibility of delivering the best result, you also have to ensure that the sales generated are in a much higher profit.


Therefore, it is important to allocate money within your budgetary while also taking note of the impact of the budget constraint on video production.


For instance, when producing a documentary that spreads public health social messages, flashy graphics are less required as it can be simple but strong in the cinematography instead.


  • What’s their average crew size?


A crew size of the production house doesn’t always translate to production value. 


However, if the video produced is for a national TV ad that requires slightly more work than a smaller corporate video, it is recommended to go for a company with big crew size.


  • Are their past clients satisfied with their work?


Contacting past customers of the production house can be tedious and time consuming but it is definitely worth it.


By learning the way a company treats its clients, you will get a glimpse of how they would work with you as well as how they execute your project.


One tip is to look for clients that have done similar projects to yours. This way, you will get the closest visualization of how working with the production team would be like.


When talking to a past client, question them about the company’s professionalism and the video quality. Ask them if the outcome is satisfying. 


Which Production Company Can Produce High-Quality Videos?


After looking through the elements to consider before hiring a production house, we are glad to introduce you to a company that fits all the requirements of an excellent production house. 


If you’re looking for a well-known production house in Malaysia that delivers the best videos for your projects, believe us when we say HAS Production is the one for you!


HAS Production is a Malaysian-based company that focuses on producing viral and high-impact marketing videos according to the client’s marketing campaign goals.


HAS Production has successfully managed to produce videos with a reach of not thousands, but over 10 million viewers!


If you think that’s incredible, wait till you hear how businesses have managed to increase sales of over 100% with the help of videos produced by HAS Production.


They have been helping business owners and companies by producing interesting videos as a way to connect and interact with the audience in Malaysia.


Their clients consist of not just personal business owners but also corporate companies and government agencies, which are all satisfied with their work quality.


With HAS Production, it is easier for you to educate your target market and customers regarding your business by using an informative video as a marketing platform. 


In conclusion, we believe with the right upbringing, your business will remain relevant in the marketplace for a long time.


Therefore, it’s important to work with a good production house that can deliver excellent videos as the audience will be more aware of your business which ultimately increases sales.

If over budgeting is your concern, HAS Production packages offers many packages that cater to your budget. 

production house Malaysia

Trust them to produce you high-quality videos at a much lower cost. 


To further convince you, there are many satisfied clients such as Al-Baghdadi Group, Hannan Medispa, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Omar Ali and many other well-known brands.


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