Video Production Services: Things You Should Expect

Calling all business owners! Are you thinking of getting started on utilising video production services as part of your marketing strategy? If yes, this article is for you! 


Video has always been touted as an effective marketing tool of delivering information and story telling. 


If you don’t ride on with the mainstreams, your business is going to be left behind. 


Therefore now’s the time to join the 60% of businesses that are already using video marketing and enjoying the ROI video marketing offers.


Continue reading this article as we are going to cover the importance of video production services, the type of videos you can opt for as well as things to expect from them.



The Importance of Video Production Services

video production services

Video is a great tool you can use to communicate your story and drive your audience to feel, think and behave in a certain way.


Regardless of the type of business or industry, a video can strongly influence conversion when it is done well. But what does one have to do to have a nicely done marketing video?


Either you have an in-house team or are hiring a video production company, there are three important stages of video production services you have to note which are:


  • Preproduction


Preproduction is an early stage of video production. Although it happens behind the scenes, it’s the most important part of video production as it ensures the goals of the video are accomplished. 


This stage of video production requires a lot of creative thinking and detailed planning processes.


Some of the video production services included in this stage are budget formulation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting and many more.


  • Production


The production part of video production refers to the actual video shoot. 


The crews involved in this stage are: the producer, photography director, assistant camera operator, audio engineer, gaffer, grip, makeup artist, drone operator and production assistant.


  • Post Production


After the filming process is done, the post-production begins. Video production services that are included in this stage are:


  • File management
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics or animation
  • Recording voice-overs or voice acting
  • Audio mastering
  • Color grading
  • Delivering files


What Kind Of Video Are You Looking For?


There are many different video types or formats to choose from before deciding on the one that is suitable to your video objective. 


Before you decide on the kind of video you want to go for, let’s have a look at the eight most common types of video content.


  • Event Video Services


Event videos usually have a time range of 30 seconds to 3 hours and are normally used for lectures, meetings, sports, weddings, performances, and other live events.


It can also be a recap or event teaser video as well as a multi-camera production.


  • Commercial/Advertising Video Services


Commercial videos include sponsored content, branded content and pre-roll. 


To ensure effectiveness of this type of video, it is usually produced between 30 to 90 seconds and is mostly scripted.


It can also be done in docu-style or animated depending on the type of audience.


  • Promotional Documentary Video Services


Furthermore, Promotional Documentary videos have a duration of 1-30 minutes long with the concept of interview-driven storytelling.


Promotional videos, infomercials, and travel videos are some of the videos that typically fall into this category.


  • Corporate Video Services


Corporate videos are used for long training videos, brand culture videos and promotional videos. These types of videos are generally 1–60 minutes in length.


  • Real Estate Video Services


To create a mouthwatering video experience for target audience, real estate videos are typically produced under 5 minutes and use a lot of filming techniques like drones, sliders, timelapse.


  • Educational Video Services


To give more in-depth information for viewers, educational videos like explainer videos, PSAs, tutorials and how-to videos generally have the length of 30-seconds or more.


  • Music Video Services


Trailers and teaser videos are usually placed under this category. Music video services are widely used by musicians for music promotional purposes by lip-syncing to the song.


  • Social Media Video Services


With 15-16 seconds long, this type of videos is widely used across social media platforms especially Instagram Reels and Tiktok.


It can include text, music, and narration depending on your creativity. 


Video Production Services: Worth It?

video production services

Making use of video production services is definitely worth it as they can easily pay for themselves over and over again. 


This is because you can use  a single video in many different ways. The video you published on Facebook can also be used on your website, email newsletter and other social media platforms.


Using your video on multiple platforms will not only increase your online presence but also maximizes your investment in video production services and increases your ROI.


With the use of video, you get to deliver your brand’s unique story to your audience and set your brand apart from the competitors. Not only that, you also get to build a powerful brand identity.


In addition, videos are a great tool for your brand to share stories and deliver useful information while also keeping visitors stay longer on your website.


Furthermore, nicely done videos accompanied with a strong video marketing strategy is effective in bringing new customers and keeping existing customers coming back for more.


By gaining visitor’s attention, their engagement with your brand will increase. 


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