Looking for a Top-Notch Videography Company in Malaysia? Here Is The List!

Over the years, the digital industry is growing and so are the numbers of Videographer Malaysia.

With varying expertise in video production, video marketing and video animation, to say the least, Malaysia is climbing the ladder to join the ranks of video experts worldwide.

Finding a suitable videographer company to shoot your business? No worries, here’s a list for you!


Why Videography Is Important in 2022

why videography is important

Our world is gearing towards full-blast technology and 2022 is no exception. There are a plethora of reasons why videography is important.

  • Showcase your brand

With videography, you can capture the best of your brand’s personality and increase its awareness. 

Without a doubt, video production is your MOST valuable marketing asset. 

It’s adaptable, entertaining, bright, instructive, and easily digestible. 

  • Sales shot upwards

These days people tend to want everything to move fast, fast, fast, with just a snap of their fingers. 

So, videos are the best go-to to highlight your products and convince clients to make that purchase you have been dying for!

For many consumers, video is better and easier to engage with, and better engagement leads to more customer conversions.

  • Perfect explaining tool

When watching a video, you are engaging far more senses like seeing and hearing making it the perfect tool for marketing!

Potential consumers are being pulled in while discovering what you have to offer and how you can help them solve their concerns.

We dare say that it is a win-win situation, far more efficient than written material.


Videography Production List (Malaysia) Just For You!

list of Malaysia videographer

We’ve compiled for you in one list the best in the industry. Check them out!

  • Kasra Design

One of the best videography companies that you can always rely on is the award-winning animation company Kasra Design.

Since 2011, the company has worked with over 800 global brands, Fortune 500 companies, famous agencies, non-governmental organisations, and up-and-coming startups.

They offer an array of video production services including and not limited to TV commercial, animated video, corporate video, explainer video and healthcare video production.

  • Gambar Malaysia

Juggling with two services, Gambarr Malaysia focuses on helping clients in Malaysia with digital marketing and video marketing.

Relatively new in the scene as the company was founded in 2018, clients were often surprised as the product outcome almost always exceeded their expectations.

  • HAS Production

Are you targeting a Malay-centric audience? HAS Production produces videos just for you! 

The company is unique in this way where the team produces bombastic and engaging videos for your business that lets your business stay relevant.

Their service that focuses solely on video production for clients has caused many businesses to boom with almost a 100% of going viral on the Internet!

  • Bold Media

Like the company’s own name, the team is dedicated to providing multiple services such as video production, virtual event editing and motion graphics.

The team at Bold Media are story-centric people where they take your business ideas and craft them creatively into content that resonate and inspire.

  • Neon Videos

Neon Videos is a corporate favourite with a very tight philosophy to help their clients grow their businesses. 

With a sole focus on the service of video production with over eight years of experience, no wonder they are very client success-centric!

  • Annaba Resources

One of Malaysia’s leading providers of event technical production services and audiovisual equipment rental, Annaba Resources has over twenty years of experience in the industry.

The company is a full-service event management & technical production company based in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur and will surely blow you away with their event marketing skills. 

What do you think? We have so many on the list who are incredibly talented in video production that we don’t have to turn towards international help for marketing! 

We are so proud of our fellow Malaysians!

Too many options to choose from? We highly suggest you contact HAS Production!

has productioin the best videographer malaysia

And why is that?

With HAS Production, you will get a satisfactory return as they are undoubtedly experienced in producing high-quality videos that will guarantee an increase in your marketing video views!

HAS Production is based in Malaysia and has successfully produced videos with over 10 million viewers!

What is special about them is that they focused on producing not just viral, but high-impacted videos for you!

They are ready to help you with various types of videos including corporate videos, commercial videos and even lifestyle videos. 

Many video results from HAS Production have shown 100% effectiveness in increasing product sales revenue!

The resulting video will help your business to stay relevant in the future.

HAS Production is very suitable for the Malaysian market because they have the knowledge of producing quality videos for the Malay audience.

Some of their satisfied clients are Al-Baghdadi Group, Hannan Medispa, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, and many other well-known brands.

If you worry about the budget, don’t be because HAS Production provides packages that can cater to your needs at a reasonable price.

There are no more excuses for you not to hire HAS Production to produce your corporate video which will be the next best thing!

Now, what are you waiting for,

Snag The Best Video Content Marketing With HAS Production Today!